Responsibilities of your property during the Lease



It is the owner's responsibility to complete any repairs affecting the tenant's ability to utilize any living area. 

KC Home Rental is retained by the owner and has no ownership of your property whatsoever. While we may offer our suggestion or opinion, the property owner has the final decision regarding anything about the property. 



KC Home Rental

KC Home Rental is hired by the property owner to collect rent, facilitate maintenance repairs and to enforce the terms of the lease agreement for both parties. 

We do not warranty the condition of any home. As a tenant, you should expect that occasional issues will probably come up. We strive to respond as quickly as possible to all complaints and requests.

KC Home Rental has no legal jurisdiction over the home and cannot take the place of legal council or mediation if required.



Residents are required to adhere to the terms of the lease, make all rent payments on time, and upkeep the property while in possession.

Tenants are expected to keep the property clean, tidy and maintained during the duration of the lease. Don't wait for problems to get out of hand before reporting them.