before move-in

Rental requirements can be found here:

The standard security deposit is equal to one month of rent and is required within 48 hours of approval.

All deposits must be collected prior to move-in unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

We do offer a Utility Concierge Service, however the Tenant is responsible for all utilities unless stated otherwise in the lease agreement.

Go to our listings on our website and select the property you are interested in viewing. There will be a “schedule a showing” button and from there you will be able to answer our pre qualification questions, upload your photo ID and set up a time/date that works for you. 

Please note: all of our properties are self-showing so there will not be an agent meeting you at the property. You will receive a code to enter the home at your scheduled showing time. If you have any issues with our scheduling software, please call our office. 

The lease will be sent to you for e-signature via dotloop. A move in agent will reach out to you to setup a time to meet you at the property to do a move in walkthrough and provide you the keys on your move in date.

Please note, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled move in time, the agent may need to reschedule you for a different day as many times they have multiple appointments per day. 

Yes. Our move in agent will complete a move in walkthrough with you at your move in and photos and videos will be taken and shared with you for your signature. You will also receive a move in packet where you can notate any additional items which will be turned in within two weeks of your move in.

After completing your self showing of a property that you are interested in you will be sent an application link. There is a $65.00 application fee per applicant. The fee is non refundable under any circumstances.

All properties are professionally cleaned prior to move-in. You are renting the home in “as-is” condition. This means it will be available for you exactly as it was at your viewing. No cosmetic repairs, updates or additional cleaning will be completed. Maintenance items found at your move-in will be addressed once they are submitted in your maintenance portal.

Once we have received all of the information we need from you we will present the information to the owners for final approval. We request our owners provide approval within two business days. Please keep in mind this is subject to a variety of factors and may take longer than two days. 

Work Orders

First review our Maintenance Requests Page. for useful information and troubleshooting tips.

Then call 913-379-4450. Our maintenance line is available 24/7/365.

We send satisfaction surveys after every work order is completed. Please use that opportunity to make us aware of any vendor concerns, timeline concerns, or if you feel it has not been fully. resolved. We are only as good as the information we have! We utilize 3rd party vendors and are not in control of their processes and procedures. Please make us aware of any vendor concerns so we can address it with them immediately.

No. It is crucial that all work orders are submitted via the proper channels outlined above. Failure to do so can result in work orders being overlooked and cause delays. Our staff is not trained to check their inboxes or texts for work orders. Work orders submitted via the correct process are seen instantly by an entire maintenance team and tracked until completion.

We answer work order calls 100% of the time, within 3 rings. Emergency repairs are scheduled immediately and often resolved the same day. We will provide updates along the way, and vendors will contact you directly to schedule.

Delays can occur for several reasons outside of our control. This may include; waiting for parts, waiting for owner approval on a large scale project, waiting for additional bids on large scale projects, scheduling conflicts with vendor and resident, weather for exterior work, etc.

It is tough on everyone when repairs drag on and we do our absolute best to make the parts of the process in our control happen rapidly.

Most often, your property owner will pay for necessary repairs needed throughout the home. This especially applies to items that affect the functionality or livability of any living areas in your home. If you request a cosmetic repair/upgrade, or if the damage is caused by negligence, misuse, or an accident by you or a guest, the repair will be at your expense.

Occasionally repairs or replacement are deemed “optional” these would be items that the resident would like done, but are not necessary to continue happy enjoyment of the premises. For optional repairs, the owner may decline completely, or approve if the resident is willing to pay. You will be notified by call/email/text if the charge has been deemed resident responsibility. The charge will be added to your account for payment, and will accrue late fees if left unpaid.

You may dispute a charge using this form.

No, you should not make your own repairs and you should never deduct any amount from your rent, ever. Some minor repairs/troubleshooting should be done by the tenant, such as flipping a breaker or unclogging a toilet. But for the most part, tenants should not take the risk or liability in attempting their own repairs. Since most repairs do require a professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured, please submit your repair needs to Kc Home Rental for scheduling.

Call 911 if you are concerned for your safety, or the safety of anyone in the home. This includes fire/flood/blood, or suspected criminal activity at your home or nearby. If there is flooding, shut off your main water valve and call our emergency maintenance line (913) 379-4450. If you smell gas, call your local gas company and remain outside until they arrive. If your heat or AC is not working in extreme weather, call (913) 379-4450.

After your lease

Please submit a Security Deposit Review Form  Notice must be given 30-days prior to lease end. Failure to provide notice will result in your lease defaulting to a 12 month lease with an increase in rent. 

Start by submitting a Notice to Vacate form online. Notice must be given 60-days prior to lease end. 

After move-in

We know this is frustrating and we do our best to prevent this. We are not licensed inspectors and are unable to warranty the condition of any element in the home.

Obvious items are often caught by our Move In Agent at the walk through and addressed immediately. Occasionally unreported problems are discovered after move-in once the home is in use.

This could be due to problems that the previous resident simply didn't make us aware of, and we had no way of knowing without occupying the property, or new items that are occurring for the first time. This could also be a home that your homeowner just purchased and we are learning about these items together.

Please submit these items for repair via Latchel at 913-379-4450. We can’t promise work orders won't arise, but we can promise to take care of them promptly.

There are multiple ways to pay your rent. The easiest is submitting payment online from your Resident Portal

Late payments negatively affect all parties involved. Property owner’s mortgage payments are due on the 1st, and many rely on rent to make these payments. In addition, there are real costs associated with the time and efforts Kc Home Rental expends to collect late rent. Please note additional fees will apply if Kc Home rental has to file legal action with an attorney.

No. Late fees are non-negotiable under any circumstance unless there was an error. Fair Housing laws require that we treat all our residents equally. We cannot decide if one resident is more deserving than another of paying late fees. We enforce late fees across the board. If you’d like to avoid late fees, the best rule of thumb is to pay rent on the 1st of every month.

Payments are applied to the oldest balance first. If you have a late fee balance, utility fee balance, etc on your account, your payment will be applied to those first. This means that if you submit payment only in your rent amount, but have an outstanding fee balance, you may still owe rent.

General Concerns and Issues

First, relax. We’re here to help you. If you are concerned for your safety, suspect criminal activity near your home, or there is a fire/flood/ or blood, please call 911.

If you are upset with a neighbor, please note that we are most likely not in management of your neighbors home and cannot contact them on your behalf. If they are breaking city ordinances, please report these infractions to the city. If they are violating HOA codes, please report to the HOA.

If emotions are running high please begin with written correspondence outlining your concerns. This not only helps us ensure your issue is documented and recorded, it also helps us get to the heart of the concern, which can sometimes be lost in a phone call when emotions are running high.

This strategy negatively impacts all parties involved. Refusal or failure to pay rent will result in an eviction.

No. We are only allowed to discuss your lease, and the terms of your lease and occupancy with parties listed on the lease. If someone calls on your behalf, we will advise them of the same.

We do not share private information with either party. This means we will protect your private information, as well as the property owners. Any special requests you make are submitted to the property owner for approval. We can not force owner approval or denial on any items.

We adhere to our contractual obligations, which includes your lease agreement. The lease is in place to protect all parties’ best interests, and all residents have the opportunity to review the lease and may choose not to sign it. Once signed, we will uphold the terms outlined in the lease agreement throughout the duration of the lease.

During your lease period

Written communication creates a clear path of what needs to be done. It presents an audit trail that protects all parties involved. Our staff is generally on the go, out at properties. We can respond much quicker to written communication while out and about then making ourselves available for a call.

We also like to respond with all of the proper information available. This can’t be done while out at a property and away from a computer. On leases with multiple residents, it also helps keep all residents on the same page.

Just let us know you’d like to have a pet and we can request owner approval.. You may not move the pet in until you have owner approval, a pet addendum signed, and any applicable fees have been paid.

Please review your lease agreement, where all fees are outlined. If, after reviewing, you feel there has been an error, please submit this form for the fee to be reviewed:

You may call Latchel to schedule a locksmith to gain access, or rekey the door at your expense. Please note that if you choose to rekey the door, you must notify Kc Home Rental in writing and provide us with a copy.

Wrong. We will make every attempt to contact you as outlined in the lease agreement prior to arrival at your property. We will provide notice to complete periodic property visits, work orders, and allow access to appraisers, insurance companies, realtors, inspectors, etc. Our preference is always to coordinate an appointment at a time that is convenient for you, which requires a response.

Decisions to renew or not renew a lease are the property owners. They may or may not disclose to us as a management company why this decision has been made. We have found it is best practice to simply communicate the owner’s decision. The exception to this is when a non-renewal or notice to vacate is issued for a lease violation, or failure to comply with lease terms. In those instances, the violation will be clearly stated, and when possible, a time limit will be provided to rectify the violation.