Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to rent your home? Here's some of the questions we hear the most.

Do I have to pay some sort of up-front listing fee?

Absolutely not, if we do not place a qualified renter in your property you pay nothing.

How will you advertise my property?

In addition to our web-site, we make extensive use of other internet resources, realtor referrals, outdoor signage, and because of our volume of listings a contact that calls about one property from a yard sign or an internet ad, might find, after we describe it to them, that your property is a better fit, even though they never actually saw an ad for it. This is a big reason why we are so successful in getting properties rented quickly.

Can I still use other forms of advertising?

We are confident ours is the only service you will need, but our contract is not exclusive and you are free to pursue other avenues to advertise your property.

What if I change my mind about using your service?

Our contract can be cancelled at any time by either party, as long as we have not provided a qualified renter, at which point our referral fee would be due.

Can I use my preferred companies for repairs?

Yes, just give us a list and we will give them a call to schedule repairs for your property, although you might want to give ours a try. Because of the volume of repairs we schedule we often get much better rates than you can on your own, and our staff of repair persons can handle quite a few repairs at a deep discount than what you will find elsewhere.

I noticed any repairs over $1000, or requiring multiple bids are an additional charge, how much is that charge?

This is a big variable so we cannot advertise a set rate for this service. Typically our fee would be 5 – 10% of the cost of repair. Lets say for example your property needed some extensive electrical work. We would schedule 2-3 bids for the work, schedule and co-ordinate the repair, and pay the contractor. Let’s assume the total amount was $1550, our fee would be $150. Also keep in mind that because of our volume of repairs we can typically save our owners hundreds of dollars over what they could find themselves.

How will you send me the rent money collected?

We use direct deposit from our bank to yours, no chance of lost mail, or delays in getting your funds.

How will I pay for repairs and your property management fee?

Our owners with multiple properties will set up an escrow account into which we will deposit all rents, and withdraw payments for repairs and property management fees. For owners of just a single or few properties,  we will deduct repairs and fees from the rents collected before we deposit it into the owner’s personal account.

What kind of reports will I get?

Every month you will receive a property management summary which will list all rents collected, repairs made, and fees charged. It will also include receipts for the repairs for your tax records.

Do I pay a property management fee if my unit is vacant?

Never. We do not charge a management fee for vacant units.

Do I pay a property management fee if the tenant doesn’t pay rent?

Yes, this is when we do the most work. Posting notices, communicating with tenant to get them to pay, working out acceptable payment plans, taking care of paperwork to start the eviction process.

Do you add an additional fee to every repair?

Absolutely NOT, the only time there is an additional fee is if the repair exceeds $1000.00 or requires multiple bids, and the owner is notified in advance about the fee.

Is there an additional charge to fill a vacant unit?

Once a tenant moves out, we will advertise and show to place a new qualified tenant in your property, our fee for this is 50% of the monthly rent amount with a $550 minimum amount.

Do you charge fees for advertising costs?

NO, our referral fee of 50% of one month’s rent covers all of our expenses in advertising your property.

Do you screen the renters?

YES, we do a complete credit, and background check. As owner you will have access to all information. before you accept a prospective tenant.

What if a tenant needs to be evicted?

We will post all necessary notices, file the paperwork with our attorney, and pay the legal fees from the tenant’s deposit.  If no deposit funds are available, the owner is responsible for any legal fees.

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